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Create Amazing Business Websites & SEO

AKNY Media is an official Wix & Shopify Partner/Developer. We are an experienced web development and digital marketing group headquartered in New York City; with a presence in over 200 countries. We develop award-winning eCommerce websites worldwide, create SEO, and develop social media to boost your online presence.

  • We've been supporting the Wix platform since the beginning.

  • Perfect for large sites or agencies managing multiple clients.

  • Our easy-to-use control panel and API let you spend

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How Can We Help You?


Andy K.

New York CIty, NY


Map in Grass

AKNY Media is changing the world. We are developers, designers, and digital marketers around the world.

We have developers and customers in 18 countries and growing strong. 


Are you interested in being a part of something special? 


Steve M.
Director, Website Strategy & Development
New York City, NY


Uzair K.
Founder/Head Developer

Bahawalpur, PK


Sara C.
Legal Council (Americas)

Hartford, CT

Flower Cake



Your brand is everything.

First impressions will either make or break you.

How do you want to be remembered?

Do people know that your business exists?

Bouquet of Flowers

Howard S.

Cheng Y.
Strategy Head (Asia Market)
San Bernandino, CA


Sara C.

Hartford, CT

George S.
Logistics & Management/HR
Miami, FL


First impressions really do make the most important impression! So, what kind of impression does your website make? Let our professionals design you a new, engineered website that will blow your competition away!


Let us show you how a simple, yet amazing website can draw in more customers and produce a better ROI! Contact Us today to discover your next step to realizing an improved bottom line.


Having a beautiful, aesthetic, and responsive website is one thing, but do people know that it exists? Everyone knows that a beautiful piece of art should be displayed so that everyone can see it (market-it!).

Social Media

Do you know what an influencer is? If you don't it's time to get on the Instagram train! Effective social media marketing and campaigning can catapult your company to levels never thought were possible; it's the new word of mouth.


This is vitally important. After all that hard work-- how do you expect your customers to buy your product or service? Paypal is outdated. Are you still taking checks? Yikes!

Help & Support

We are here to help you 365-24-7! We are just a phone call away, but if you should require immediate assistance we are always available. Any inquiry will be handled within 24-hours.

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